Luxury Curved Draining Soap Dish


Luxury Curved Draining Soap Dish

Our new luxury Stoneware soap dish is the perfect addition to any kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom or laundry room. Handmade, eco friendly and plastic free, the luxurious and innovative contemporary design will elevate your daily routine.

Our Luxury draining soap dishes are poured, sanded and sealed in house and you may see natural variations in each piece as each tray is unique. Colour variances or air bubbles are occasionally visible and this all part of their enduring appeal.

Pair this dish with our soap free, p.H. balanced Flora bars, our natural trays will ensure a longer lasting bar. 

Care: wipe gently with a soft cloth regularly

Materials: Eco Stone, Waterproof Sealer, Protective Rubber Pads

Dimensions: Width: 143 mm Depth: 100 mm Height: 35 mm Weight: Approx 180g

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