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Serum Trio- Collagen, Anti-oxidant and DMAE Serum

Serum Trio 3 of Our Best Selling Serums


Sold Out -available soon

Serum Trio

Three of our Best Selling Serums:

Collagen Serum - wrinkles, skin laxity, and acne scars

DMAE 4% Serum - Skin Tightening and Firming

Anti-oxidant Serum -vwith our exclusive special protein antioxidant enzyme Glutaredoxin.

Saving 15% when the products are purchased individually


Collagen Serum Apply to clean dry skin once or twice a day, may be used as a mask treatment!

DMAE 4% Apply once or twice per day to clean dry skin

Anti-oxidant Serum Use alone or mix with other actives that are water soluble like our exclusive proteins EGF and KGF.


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5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
CHIARA from ITALY on Nov 18, 2015
I have been using these 3 serums for the last 2 weeks, and I am absolutely satisfied.
My skin looks better, but I am unable to say which one of the 3 serums has to take the credit for these results! I guess it may well be a conjunction of the effects of all these products together,however my skin is more radiant, looks rested, firmer,tighther and happier. Makeup looks bettter in the morning.
Of course I have issues (=dark spots, enlarged pores) that will not disappear or reduce in a day, but my skin loves these products.
Of the 3 I love better the Collegen serum for its consistency and the DMAE also; I like less the Antioxidant beacuse it is runnier and has an unpleasant colour & smell (OK this is not an issue, just a little comment), but I endure and will use up all 3 together.
I layer them and they sink in leaving no residue, so then you can add on top your moisturizer or other oilier product.
I am looking forward to try other products from Active formulas (I also have bought the Dermagen that I yet have to test and the Collagen creams that I like already) such as the Vitmain C, the Sea Kelp, the Vit. A cream, the Hair loss serum... But they are constantly sold out!! please have them back in stock soon!
Ginger B from Brighton on Aug 06, 2015
Love love love the collagen, has made a massive difference to the tonality and plumpness of my boat race. The anti-oxident serum is a brown runny serum, slight smell which dissipates quickly but does feel like it dries the skin out when it dries, so i use a retinol mosituriser on top of the two. I am mixing the anti-oxident with the collagen serum every other night ( collagen only the other night) and am waiting to see what it does...Only been using two weeks so far, but it does seem to help fade acne scars quicker than without it. Not used the other serum yet as I have dry skin and it is known to dry skin further. Would like to be able to buy a larger anti-oxident serum on it's own like you can with the lets make collagen serum which is the BEST product I think i have ever bought, and I have bought a LOT!
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