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Active Formulas Skin Care Kojic Acid Dipalmitate

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate 5g

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Kojic Acid Dipalmitate 5 g
  • Dark spots, uneven skin tone
  • All skin types
  • Helps eliminate the formation of dark spots and uneven skin tone.
  • Kojic acid dipalmitate is a derivative of kojic acid and palmitic acid which makes it more stable and oil soluble.
  • Find this in our Skin Brightening Cream.

Kojic Acid should be used with caution by those who have a family history of Cancer.


Each tube is enough for 120 ml of cream or lotion at just under 5% concentration. (5g in 120 ml of cream) Do not use at a stronger concentration.

The powder may take time to dissolve but will gradually dissolve releasing components into the cream.

We recommend  adding Kojic acid Dipalmitate to some gently heated oil before mixing with cream or lotion. Kojic Acid Palmitate dissolves much better In Canvas base Cream than the basic Kojic acid, is more stable and does not discolour. Note: adding to a cream or lotion containing Vaseline or Shea Butter may make the powder insoluble.

Protect Kojic Acid Diplamitate from light as it is photosensitive.


Kojic Acid Palmitate, Powder

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5 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
maryam from qatar on Jul 10, 2016
if this oil base what should be oil temperatures for perfect oil ? and can be use for lightening sensitive area and underarm area ?
Eileen from London on May 27, 2015
My daughter advised me to buy this. It is a brilliant skin lightener and I work out my measurements as follows: 200ml of cream = 5g x 2 KAD. For every 100ml, I add 5g of KAD to it and it therefore does not cause any irritation. Although it takes a bit of time to start working, the results are really good as it first of all takes away any brown pigmentation marks and lightens the skin as well. I have looked very hard to find a good overall skin lightener and I am pleased to say that I have now found this in KAD. The good thing is that you can simply add it to your usual cream or lotion, wait for a day until it has dissolved and then it is ready to be used. My daughter's brown marks on her face have nearly all gone and she has lightened 2 shades. She puts the KAD in her body lotion as well as her face cream in order that she gets an all over lightener. I would never use Hydroquinone again. Oh, I forgot to say once you add the KAD to your cream keep it away from sunlight. Keep it in a drawer of cupboard.
Hilda from Netherlands on Apr 10, 2015
My question is of the skin goes dry and peel out? Are there side effects like other stronger ingrendients
Marlene from United Kingdom on Mar 20, 2015
I used to use Hydroquinnone to try and fade my marks, but decided to stop using this. I have been adding this to my usual cream for over 5 weeks and the results are truly amazing. I have no more dark marks on my face and my make up is now very minimal as there is no need to wear heavy foundation to hide these marks. I use my cream all over my body and face and I have lightened at least one shade. This is an excellent safe skin lightener and is excellent for hyperpigmentation.
Sue Grant from London on Mar 01, 2015
This is an excellent skin lightener and it works really fast. I add it to my usual cream and it only takes 2 weeks to start working. I would definitely recommend this.
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