Green Tea Extract with EGCG

  • Oiliness, blemish prone skin, oxidative stress, all skin types
    This Green Tea EGCG is a higher grade extract standardised for 90% EGCG, which means you need less powder for your formulations. This reduces the colour change effect that Green Tea has on your finished products.
    Helps reduce oiliness and keeps pores clean.
  • Each 1.2 g tube is enough for use with approx. 120 ml of cream or serum for a 1% concentration. e.g. use half 0.6 g in 60 ml of cream or serum
    Use in your favourite cream or add to our Canvas Base Cream, European Cream or Sea kelp Coral.
    The powder will not dissolve immediately but will release components slowly into the cream/lotion.
    Soluble in Creams and water based serums
  • Green tea extract, enriched for EGCG.