DL Panthenol Powder Pro Vitamin B5


DL-Panthenol Powder | (Pro Vitamin B5)

D-Panthenol is the provitamin of D-pantothenic acid. The substance, also known as pro-vitamin B5, is valued in skin and hair care for its moisturising properties. 

Panthenol deeply hydrates the skin, helping to prevent the skin's moisture loss whilst improving skin's elasticity and softness, which helps to slow down and reduce the signs of aging.

Panthenol with its anti-inflammatory properties also make it ideal for soothing sensitive or irritated skin and irritation from shaving.

Panthenol is a considerable strengthening and moisturising conditioner for the hair. Because it is tends to absorb moisture from the air, it acts as a humectant and adheres strongly to the cuticle and penetrates deep into the hair shaft, thus improving the resistance of the hair to mechanical stress.

Panthenol is included in hair products because of its ability to improve hair's shine, softness and strength, reducing static, conditioning hair without build-up and reducing damage from split ends. Panthenol is a small enough molecule to penetrate the hair and can give long lasting moisturisation.

Use at 1-5% in skin care and up to 1% in hair care and nail care. Soluble in water and ethanol

10g White to Cream coloured powder. 

Keep cool and dry out of direct sunlight in a sealed container

INCI: DL-Panthenol Powder

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