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Coconut Endosperm (kinetin)

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Coconut Endosperm (kinetin) 5 g
  • Overall skin health
  • All skin types
  • Coconut endosperm contains vitamins, amino acids, sugars, minerals and the well known plant hormone kinetin.
  • Our coconut endosperm is dried using lyophilization (freeze drying), a method that ensures complete preservation of activity. Liquid coconut endosperm is coconut milk.
  • Coral Nutrient Serum features coconut endosperm along with many other nutritious actives.


Each tube of Coconut Endosperm is enough for about 120 ml of cream or lotion at approximately 4% concentration (5 g in 120 ml cream). Use in your favourite cream or add to our Canvas Base Cream or European Cream.

If mixing with a cream or lotion, dissolve coconut endosperm in a small amount of warm water, then add to the cream or lotion. Or add coconut endosperm to our Sea Kelp Coral to create the skin nutrition complex.

Natural alternative to TNS.

Skin Nutrition Complex Gel: Add Coconut Endosperm to our Sea Kelp Coral to create the Skin Nutrition Complex.

Each tube (5 grams) is enough for about 4 fl oz (120 ml) of Skin Nutrition Complex at approximately 4% concentration.

Please note: lyophilised extracts are very hygroscopic. Keep tube well closed in a cool, dry place. Soluble in Creams


Coconut Endosperm 
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