KGF Hair Peptide


KGF Peptide

KGF Peptide  helps promote healthy hair growth.

KGF Peptide is a DIY active ingredient that may help promote healthy hair growth. Using our Sea Kelp Bioferment as a suspension, KGF utilises the nutrients that contain prebiotics, polysaccharides and antioxidants to protect the cells that make hair. Simply add 1 tube to 120 ml of your favourite hair mask or base cream.

For a power packed Hair mask add KGF to 120 ml/4 oz of  Sea Kelp Coral, leave-in conditioner or homemade nail conditioner. Once mixed, apply nightly to scalp, nails or brows to help promote healthy hair and nail growth 

Looking for a pre-made product? Try one of our existing products that contain KGF, like Double Action Hair Serum 

For best results, make sure you let it soak into skin and hair follicles for as long as possible. 

Beginner: Add 1 tube to 120 ml of your favourite base cream or water-based formula.

Expert: KGF is recommended for use at about 0.00005% in formulations. Carefully add this solution during the cool down phase of formulation with gentle mixing. KGF is soluble in creams and water-based products, but not recommended for use in anhydrous products.

Product Life 12 months

Keep refrigerated until ready to use.

50 mcg



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