The Scientific Revolution in Skin Care by Dr Hannah Sivak

January 03, 2017

The Scientific Revolution in Skin Care

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Sivak's ebook 'The Scientific Revolution in Skin Care' is now published. 

We know many of you who frequent the Skin Actives Scientific forum and follow Dr. Sivak's writings have read some of this content in individual threads or articles, but you will finally be able to reference all of this info in one place. This ebook is the perfect resource for those friends in your life who aspire to become educated in skin care and DIY formulating (like you are). 

This ebook is available from - £6.30


"From my experience in the skin care industry, I know how an anti-aging cream is planned, designed, manufactured, packaged, and sold. From my scientific experience I know what it will actually do when applied to the skin. Consumers of every background suspend their disbelief when it comes to skin care products. This is ridiculous. I want to provide you with a scientific understanding of skin care so you will know what's possible, what's not, and when to ignore the marketing altogether.

This book will help you understand how your skin functions and changes. It will help you comprehend skin care ingredient lists; and what each ingredient does or does not do for you. I don't want anyone to be a sitting duck for the marketing departments that sell false promises in fancy packaging. Why not take your skin care into your own hands? You'll know exactly what you're doing."

 -Dr. Hannah Sivak

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