Sea Kelp Bio

Sea Kelp Bio

'Seaweed contains amino acids that help to plump and smooth fine lines'

An antioxidant blend of Seaweed (Fucus vesiculosis) extract and high potency Aloe vera leaf extract, designed to help with the effects of aging, sun damage and to promote skin elasticity. This rich gel glides on effortlessly, absorbing quickly to form a hydrating skin barrier, both soothing and skin protecting.

Fucus vesiculosis is a Brown Algae abundant in the UK and North European coastlines. A rich source of Thyronine, Polysaccharides, Alginic acid, Fucans, Polyphenols, Phlorotannins, Sterols and Esters of Glycosyl diglycerides. Fucus vesiculosus has an unusually high concentration of minerals, including sodium and potassium and the full compliment of essential amino acids.

Recently researchers found that an extract of Fucus vesiculosus, which is a type of seaweed, promotes the contraction of fibroblast-populated collagen gels through increased expression of integrin molecules. In this study, they investigated the effects of topical application of an aqueous extract of this alga on the thickness and the mechanical properties of human skin. A gel formulation that included 1% of the extract was applied topically to human cheek skin twice daily for five weeks. A significant decrease in skin thickness measured by B-mode ultrasound was elicited, as was a significant improvement in elasticity measured with a Cutometer as compared with controls. In cheek skin, the thickness normally increases and the elasticity usually decreases with age. These results suggest that the Fucus vesiculosus extract possesses anti-aging activities and should be useful for a variety of cosmetics.

Fucoidan is the active component of fucus vesiculosus that promotes contraction of fibroblast-populated collagen gels

Super boost your skin care creams, lotions, water based serums and facial masks with Sea Kelp Bio

Sea Kelp Bio is perfect for all skin types and for daily use on the face or body. Apply directly on the skin or follow with a cream, serum or facial oil.

Blend with 0 - 4% essential oils to create unique blends or add a small amount of carrier oils up to 0.3%


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