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June "Not a Miracle just a lot of Science"

Posted on May 31, 2013 | 0 comments

Now available...

New Alpha Lipoic Acid (R) version

The new Alpha Lipoic (R) Chiral form can be used at half the concentration of the old version. The new unit size means that one tube is perfect for 4 oz /118 ml of cream or serum.

Sea Kelp Coral -'Not a Miracle just a lot of Science'

A major improvement to one of our most important active ingredients a new version of Sea kelp - Sea Kelp Coral.

Dr Hannah Sivak has created a new version of Sea kelp - Sea Kelp Coral.

Most of our creams and serums contain the ingredient 'Sea Kelp Bioferment'. It is made using kelp extracts that are fermented using a process similar to that used to produce yogurt. The resulting gel from this process is extremely nutritious and has anti-inflammatory properties that make it an amazingly good product to use in skin care.

The first basic Sea Kelp Bioferment was similar to the 'Miracle Broth'. Last year an updated version called 'Ultramarine' with additional kelp extracts that was richer and better than the original was introduced. This is now being replaced with Sea Kelp Coral.

Sea Kelp Coral is an improvement over Sea Kelp Ultramarine and will replace Sea kelp Ultramarine in our products. Sea kelp Coral has additional antioxidant properties and can be used on its own or as an ingredient in other products. We expect a marked improvement in the effectiveness of these products with the addition of Sea Kelp Coral.


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