Vitamin C Serum Kit & DIY Vitamin C Serum Recipe

Still searching for a D.I.Y Vitamin C Serum Recipe? 

 For those customers who prefer to make their own serums here is the receipe:

Recipe 15% 'C Serum with Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Phloretin

Tsp: teaspoon. All measurements are approximate, use level teaspoons not full teaspoons. You can use scales if they have grams and milligrams such as a laboratory scale. 

1 tsp Ascorbic Acid (L) 5 g

1 tsp Sea Kelp Bioferment

1 tsp Rosehip Seed Oil

3 tsp Distilled water 15 g (available at most supermarkets)

1/8 tsp Ferulic Acid

1/8 tsp Phloretin

1/4 tsp Vodka or pure Ethanol (not denatured)

Use 2 small glasses

For clients who prefer to formulate their own products, we adapted a popular recipe found in many blogs. 

The final pH of the serum will be about 5.0.  Keep the serum refrigerated, and shake well before use. Discard if the colour changes, as this will indicate that ascorbic acid has oxidised to a significant extent, or after two weeks at the latest, as this serum does not contain preservatives. Ferulic acid and Antioxidant Booster will delay oxidation of the Ascorbic Acid but will not prevent the growth of bacteria and mould.

Glass  with phase Water 1

Place the Ascorbic Acid into the glass, add water, stirring frequently until fully dissolved. If not completely dissolved after 10 min, add a hint more water. This recipe uses Ascorbic Acid at its limit of solubility, which is 33 grams of ascorbic acid to 100 grams of distilled water.

Glass with phase 2 (alcohol and oils suspension)

While you are waiting for the Ascorbic Acid to dissolve, you can proceed with the rest. Put the Ferulic acid and Phloretin in the 2nd glass, pour the vodka in and stir, now add the Sea Kelp Bioferment. Add the Antiox booster and Rosehip oil and stir.

When the Ascorbic acid has fully dissolved, mix the contents of both glasses together, stir well. This is not a real solution but a suspension, so mix well every time before use.
Finally, add the Hyaluronic acid powder, this will thicken the mix. Mix well. It may take some time for the Hyaluronic acid to dissolve.

Keep refrigerated, this serum has no preservatives and bacteria and mould will love it!

Discard if colour changes to Brown (will indicate that ascorbic acid has oxidised).

Final volume about 1 fl oz/30 ml, so the final concentration of Ascorbic acid in this water/oil mix is about 16%.

Re-printed with the Kind Permission of Dr Hannah Sivak