New Collagen Firming Creams, with and without Fragrance available now

October 19, 2014

From Dr Hannah Sivak

Unusual Consequences of Mistakes

Last month, we introduced our new 'Firming Collagen Serum'. It is an unusual product for us. It is only our second product that contains fragrance - we usually only use fragrance on promotional products. It was not our intention to add additional products of this type.

As we prepared to make up a batch of the new product, we discovered that we had mixed far too much of the active ingredients. The ingredients are expensive, instead of wasting them, we decided to add them to our Canvas Cream and send it out as a bonus called the "Firming Collagen Cream".

The feedback from this accidental cream has been so fantastic that we have decided to add it to our line. Because of our resistance to fragrances there are two versions: the one without fragrance is the "Collagen Cream", the "Firming Collagen Cream" has the Lemon Verbena oil.

We have taken the some of the active ingredients in our Collagen Serum and added them to our excellent Canvas Cream base.

The new "Collagen Cream" and the "Firming Collagen Cream

The creams are designed to be used as anti-aging creams for users in their late twenties and thirties, we recommend ourAnti-Aging Cream for more mature skin.

Ingredients in both the creams include:

• Epidermal growth factor (EGF) increases protein synthesis, accelerates healing and increases the rate of skin renewal of aging skin.
• Hydrolyzed collagen: collagen peptides (obtained by hydrolysis of fish collagen) will supply your skin with amino acids that will be used in collagen synthesis. This is one of the few animal derived actives we have; plants don’t make collagen, so “phytocollagen”, a marketing invention, does not exist.
• Boswellia serrata promotes collagen synthesis and is also an inhibitor of elastase (protease) and hyaluronidase (breaks down hyaluronic acid), a real life preserver for the dermal matrix.
• Centella asiatica stimulates scar maturation by increasing synthesis of type I collagen.
• Betulinic acid (from the bark of Betula alba) stimulates collagen synthesis and inhibits the enzyme elastase to prevent the loss of elastic fibers responsible for skin suppleness.
• Green tea Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG): antioxidant, prevents collagen glycation and prevents UV caused cancerous and non-cancerous skin tumors.
• Hyaluronic acid is made of long chains of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine alternating with glucuronic acid, it stabilizes the intercellular space, particularly in connective tissue.

The difference between the creams is the inclusion of Lemon Verbena Replacer Oil in the "Firming Collagen Cream",  We recommend this version for users that prefer fragranced creams. The "Collagen Cream" version does not contains fragrances and is recommended for users with sensitive skin.

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